Welcome to CARL. We are a community minded, socially responsible organisation striving to make a positive impact through accessible transport.

Our mission is to connect people by providing the community with readily available and affordable transport options.

Affordable and accessible transport to suit your needs


CARL is a specialist web based transport booking platform that enables the sharing and booking of specially fitted access vehicles.

We are the service connector between fleets and users, playing a key role in finding you your perfect transport match.

The idea behind CARL is to increase fleet companies’ vehicle utilisation, whilst providing people living with a disability greater access to suitable transport options based on their specific needs.

The CARL collective promotes the shared economy movement, providing connection, access and a mutually beneficial relationship for all those within the network.

Our Service

The CARL platform opens the doors to mobility, giving individuals and group organisations within the disabled community the freedom to find the vehicle for their needs.

CARL provides greater access to transport services, significantly enhancing the availability and flexibility of your transport and mobility options.

Our service works by allowing you, as an individual or group organisation, access to transportation options within our diverse range of specially fitted fleet of vehicles.

How to Book a Ride

It easy to book a CARL vehicle. Simply sign up to CARL to access our booking service, where you can find the perfect service for you. We have a diverse range of specially fitted fleet vehicles in locations throughout the country. Your access to suitable mobility is just a few clicks away!

Your Key to Mobility


Registering with CARL gives you greater access to vehicles that suit your requirements.

CARL is with you every step of the way, ensuring your booking, usage and overall experience is a positive and successful one.


Partnering with CARL is the perfect opportunity for your organisation to join the shared economy movement and contribute to the wider community.

Becoming a part of CARL will ensure your organisation gains optimum vehicle usage by connecting you with your market.

CARL will significantly increase the visibility and usability of your vehicles ensuring greater optimisation of your fleet vehicles.


CARL has recently completed a pilot in South Australia and is now available Australia wide! For more information on how you can be involved please contact us.


What is CARL?

CARL is an online platform that allows disability service providers to share their vehicles, and in some cases drivers, with each other across Australia. As we develop the program we will be looking to allow individuals and families living with a disability to also borrow and lend vehicles too. Eventually, our goal is to provide Australians living with a disability with affordable on demand transportation so they can go where they want to, when they want to.

Who is behind CARL?

CARL is an initiative by Australian owned fleet management company, StreetFleet, that has been specialising in helping the NFP and disability sectors with vehicles for two decades. In 2018 StreetFleet is celebrating its 20th birthday. For more information on StreetFleet visit www.streetfleet.com.au

How can my organisation benefit from CARL?

As a fleet owner, CARL can help your organisation increase fleet utilisation of your current fleet, by allowing other organisations to use those vehicles in your fleet’s down time. In exchange for this flexibility, your organisation will receive either daily or hourly rentals for those vehicles to provide you with additional income. From a social perspective, your organisation will be responsible for giving greater mobility to people living within your community and opening up a transportation option that has never existed before.

What happens if a vehicle is damaged while out?

Before and after photos of each vehicle are used to identify damage on vehicles with lender created damage either claimed on insurance (with the lender paying any excess) or the lender paying the repair cost directly.

What happens if a vehicle is written off or off the road for an extended period?

If the vehicle is off the road or written off as a result of a CARL lender, then we will provide replacement loan car to the fleet owner until the vehicle is back on the road. The loan car will be charged to the hirer or through the insurance company.

What about insurance under CARL?

Insurance is provided either through the fleet owner’s insurance company, wherein occasional hire or dry hire has been activated on their policy. Any additional cost should be allowed for in the daily rate of hire to ensure the fleet owner is not out of pocket.

What if a vehicle is handed back late?

We monitor vehicle location and route planning to see whether a designated route can be done in the allocated borrowing time. If a route cannot be completed, we will be in a position to reject the booking. If a vehicle is determined to be coming back later than expected, we will liaise with the owner to work through a contingency plan that can involve: activating another CARL vehicle nearby or using an access taxi. The hirer will be penalised for the late handback, including the cost of any contingency plan.

What happens with speeding fines?

All speeding fines are signed over to the hiring entity or driver (if known). As this must be signed over by the fleet owner, they receive a small admin fee of $25 for this with the hirer being fined the same amount.

Whose responsibility is it to keep the vehicle clean?

Fleet owners are responsible for keeping the car clean for the next hirer, however excessive soiling or dirt from any hirer will attract a fine for cleaning.

Do we need permission from our leasing company to put the vehicle into CARL?

Vehicles under lease with StreetFleet are automatically authorised to go into the CARL program. You should speak with your fleet provider to ensure this is allowed as leasing companies can vary, however normally they will require written notification and confirmation of dry hire coverage from your insurer.

What about the cost of servicing, registration etc.?

This is covered for in the per km charge levied through the system.

When will my organisation receive payment for the usage?

At the beginning of each month you will receive payment for the usage from the previous month for your entire fleet.

How is pricing determined?

As modifications vary from vehicle to vehicle, fleet owners determine the daily rate they would like to receive for each vehicle and an hourly rate is worked out from there plus 25c per km travelled. CARL will add on 20% to that rate (to cover us for services and system provision) with the fleet owner receiving the rate less 20%.

Can drivers be provided with vehicles?

Currently we do not provide drivers, however we are working on some key partnerships to do so via third parties.

What precautions are taken with driver’s licensing?

Copies of driver’s licenses must be provided for each designated driver as well as relevant carers or patient transportation licensing and certificates and these are checked off before a driver is allowed into the system. Passenger safety is our number one priority here at CARL and we want to ensure that each driver is able to properly care for each passenger and their requirements.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure vehicles are roadworthy?

Each vehicle is loaded into CARL by fleet owners under the understanding that the vehicle is provided in a roadworthy condition. If you think a vehicle is not roadworthy, please let us know immediately.

What about legal liability if someone is driving our vehicle?

Please refer to our terms and conditions for details on this area.

How do we register our interest in being a fleet owner or borrower in CARL?

Simply drop us a line here

Can we invest in CARL?

We have a lot of development that we would like to make in CARL to ensure it continues to revolutionise transport in Australia. These developments include: passenger profiles, improved mobile device applications, and key security devices just to name a few. If you would like to be part of CARL as an investor, please get in contact

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